Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You did what now?

SOooooo, I've been gone for a while now. What exactly have I been working on?

Well I just started a new programming project at work. We all know how crazy that can get.

I just started to work on my Masters degree in computer science. Fun.

I'm hard at work on my (currently private soon to go public) open source emulator/debug framework called Anvil.

Lately I have been taking a bit of down time to improve my art (dorodango's), mine are good, but not THIS good.

I haven't forgotten my love of arguing with creationists and theists, oh no!
I've just been head butting on reddit and other sites a great deal.

Like here, or here and if you like LONG debates, well I got two for you: here oh and for a VERY long

I'm not gone. I'm just insane. Expect a new post here Friday night. My current plan is to 'enlist' the reddit community to decide my next rambling rant!

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